Terms of Service

These Terms of Service ("Terms") apply to the use of Safe Adblocker. Please read these Terms carefully before you access our Service, as these Terms form a binding legal agreement between you and Safe Adblocker.

The Service

Safe Adblocker ("we","our") is a mobile app developed for iOS that can be downloaded through the App Store.
The application allows the user to block ads, disable tracking and block possible malware.
These features are exclusive to web browsing on Safari.
If the user finds a specific ad in a website that is currently not being blocked, it is possible to report it to us by going to the menu "Blacklist" inside the Safe Adblocker app.
If the user sees that a website is not working properly due to the block of an ad, it is also possible to report it to us, so that we can unblock, by going to the menu "Whitelist" inside the Safe Adblocker app.

Non-Permitted Use of the Service

Some websites may not allow its users to block their ads. That should be respected, especially if you agreed to not use any ad blockers, by accepting their Terms of Service.


The Service will attempt to be available at all times except for limited periods including maintenance and repair or a variety of factors beyond control.

Additional Information

Safe Adblocker holds the right to make changes to the Terms of Services provided, herein, without any notice provided.