Privacy Policy

This privacy policy governs the use of the mobile application Safe Adblocker for iOS.
Safe Adblocker ("we","our") does not collect or store any personal information, or any information that might be traced back to its users.

User's Personal Information

Safe Adblocker does not offer any way for the user to register an account. There are no features that require the user to insert any personal data.

What Is Collected

The only information collected is the app specific Device ID, generated by Apple, and a timestamp of when the user chooses to connect to our server.
This Device ID is not shared between apps and cannot be used to identify the user. It is only collect as identifier inside the app, allowing the user to use our service.
The connection timestamp is collected with purpose of gathering statistics about the usage of our service.

What Is Not Collected

Safe Adblocker does not have access to any personal information of the user, such as email, phone number, payment methods, and others.
When the user connects to our server, we do not keep any logs of the connection, nor do we monitor any activity and actions performed by the user.
We do not keep any record of the user's IP address or other data related to the user's personal device.

Users in the European Union

To comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union (EU), all data collected mentioned in this Privacy Policy, is with the goal of:

  • • Providing users with the service they have requested;
  • • Improving the quality and stability of our service;
  • • Providing personalized customer support.

The data that is collected is stored in safe servers, located inside the EU.
The user can exercise his rights under the GDPR to access, transfer, correct, delete, or object to the processing of any information collected by contacting us at

Integration with Apple

Since Safe Adblocker does not have access to the user's personal information, subscription payment is done through Apple's In-App Purchase system.
This system allows us to see the subscription's date of payment and date of expiration.
This is done to prevent any possible abuse of the free trial offered and to detect any inactive subscriptions.

Third Party Analytics

We do not share data of any king with third parties.
This system allows us to see the subscription's date of payment and date of expiration.
All statistics collected are kept private and only serve the purpose of improving the service provided to our users.